Beyoncé’s Make-Up Artist Sir John Predicts The 5 Make-Up Trends You’ll Be Working In 2019

08 Mar , 2019

'Honestly, f*** trends' officially wins the award for the most honest answer we've ever had when interviewing an A-list make-up artist.

The man behind the candid quote? Beyoncé's go-to guy and make-up maestro Sir John, who swiftly explains his (rather refreshingly) blunt answer. 'Trends are great as a temperature check, but don't marginalise your creativity because of what is popular on the runway or red carpet. If you've got a secret sauce or a red lipstick that you love, then wear it.'

Responsible for Queen Bey's iconic feline flicks and Ashley Graham's flawless complexion, Sir John clearly knows a thing or two about what women want from their make-up. 'If it moves you emotionally, then wear it. I don't want to tear a girl away from her favourite eyeliner just because of a trend. That said, if you've been doing your make-up everyday for twenty years it can get mundane, so instead of trends, I want you to re-energise your relationship with make-up.'

So, forget the trends, here's Sir John's five ways to inject your go-to make-up routine with a hit of 2019...

Colour Pop Eyeliner

What's Hot: 'One thing I'm loving right now is tinted eyeliners. It's nothing new, but I've seen so much colour on the eyes during awards season - there was a lot of washes of blue and green on the eyes, it has a lot of impact.'

Make It Work: 'Invest in a coloured eyeliner, maybe a navy mascara and a navy eyeliner combo - it's so cool and modern and you don't need to have so much technical knowledge to apply it. Don't be afraid to try a bronze eyeliner instead of the traditional black or brown.'

 Bold And Bright Lips

What's Hot: 'Statement lips are so popular. I've seen so many bold lips on red carpets, and not just red, but purple and orange as well. I loved Lady Gaga's blackberry lips at the SAG Awards.'

Make It Work: 'We live in a cool indie time right now where you can take chances with your make-up. The 90s were indie too so those brown lips are back again.'

  Monochromatic Make-Up

What's Hot: 'Monochromatic make-up is one of the biggest trends for 2019. If you think of 50 shades of grey, this is 50 shades of complexion. It's about taking a colour, it can be a soft taupey brown, then using a similar colour on the lips, using a blusher that's in the same family, and using an eyeshadow that's in the same family as well. It could be purple!'

Make It Work: 'There's so many ways to do monochromatic make-up - it's just about working with one tone in a myriad of shades on your face. You take one product and apply it differently depending on where you're putting it. If you have a cream blusher, tap it into your lips as a beautiful cream stain, or take your liquid lipstick, put some on the back of your hand then take a big fluffy blusher brush and buff it into your cheeks.'

  Multi-Mask Your Foundation

What's Hot: 'I'm a huge fan of glow and a luminous complexion, but depending on your skin type, you don't necessarily want this all over. This is when you should multi-mask your foundation.'

Make It Work: 'If you have an oily t-zone, use a matte foundation in this area, then break out the glowy foundation for the sides of your face. Don't be afraid to multi-foundation, just make sure you blend!'

Handsome Brows

What's Hot: 'Everyone should come away from concealing around the outside of their brows - that's passing. Instead, I love a handsome brow - brushed up where you see the hairs.'

Make It Work: 'Take a glue stick and a tooth brush and use a spoolie to brush up your brows. Sound weird but they'll stay in place, it won't block your pores, and it won't make your hair fall out. Once it dries you can draw on top of it. Even if you don't have the hairs, don't be afraid to take a skinny brow pencil and draw a couple of extra ones on. In terms of shape, you always want a more lateral brow, this gives everyone a beautiful shape and opens up your eyes.'

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